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Sophia webinar

May 6th 2014 a webinar took place that involved discussions related to testing stability of organic photovoltaic technologies and an overview of available standards for PV device type and measurement approval. For more information and files related to the webinar you may contact

The webinar is organized within the framework of SOPHIA Research Infrastructure and EERA European Energy Research Alliance. Read more here


The final 7th call to 48 PV research infrastructures is available within SOPHIA with the deadline of 31st March.

Among these DTU Solar Energy group offers its own infrastructure for device manufacturing using miniroll machinery and device characterization using ageing testers and sophisticated analyzing tools, such as LBIC, TEM, SEM etc. For more information please visit: Researchers and industrial organization are invited to submit a proposal with a project related to utilization of the aforementioned equipment. The accepted projects will be funded by SOPHIA.

For further questions please contact Suren Gevorgyan at


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CLOP testing

For a limited time we offer free lifetime testing of OPV samples under different environmental conditions. Please click here for more information.

Coming soon - Free OPV

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