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The general purpose of freeOPV is to further the interest and research in the field of organic solar cells. We do not put any limitations on what people can do with their solar cells.

We do, however, require that if you publish material on the freeOPV that you must make a link to If you publish in an scientific journal you must acknowledge DTU Energy Conversion and We would suggest a wording along the following lines:

"We would like to thank DTU Energy Conversion and for supplying freeOPV samples for this study."

In addition the article "Freely available OPV—The fast way to progress" must be cited in the text and reference list. If you use an image of the freeOPV you must make sure that the DTU logo is not covered.

We hope that you find these requirements reasonable and that you will use the freeOPV module for any purpose you find fitting, whether it be education, academic work, or a small project at home, etc.



Current weather

Temperature: 14.11 °C
Sample temp: 11.60 °C
Irradiance: -3.3 W/m²
Humidity: 91.60 %Rh
Last update: Sat, 19 Aug 2017 23:42:03 +0200 - details
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