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How to use Flextrode

FLEXTRODE is developed for use in polymer solar cells where it the can directly replace the transparent ITO from electrode commonly used in cells of inverted design. FLEXTRODE is available in two qualities; standard and surplus. The high sheet resistance of the surplus quality, 10 Ω□-1, allows for efficient charge carrier transport over centimeters. The surplus quality is thus suited for large devices, whereas the standard quality is suited for applications requiring charge carrier transport over typically a few millimeters.

The electrode-active layer of FLEXTRODE is applied on a PET substrate in a pre-defined, customer-specific pattern by roll-to-roll processing. The patterned FLEXTRODE is therefore the perfect starting point for making polymer solar cells, both in series by roll-to-roll processing and as individual modules. The individual layers comprising the solar cell stack can be coated directly onto the FLEXTRODE, starting with the active layer. If you use PEDOT:PSS as hole transporting layer, you might need to activate the pristine solar cell before use by switching. Switching is specific to PEDOT:PSS and is not necessarily required when other hole-conductors are used.



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