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eGOPV 2016 - Global Organic Photovoltaic Conference

We are happy to welcome you to eGOPV 2016

In 2011 and 2012 we held the Global Organic Photovoltaic Conference (GOPV) in China as a traditional international conference with a focus on organic solar cells, and the forum was continued in a smaller format in 2014. Now we would like to change the format but not the forum, GOPV is still an international conference with focus on organic solar cells. This time we change the format to an e-conference where all presentations are given as video contributions and everybody can join the conference/watch the videos in their own pace at home. We find this to be an ideal way to present inyou newest research findings and get in touch with you fellow researchers at the lowest cost and lowest environmentally impact.

eGOPV 2016 is organized by Prof. Frederik C. Krebs, Prof. Hongzheng Chen, Prof. Xiaowei Zhan, Birgit Oksbjerg, and Eva Bundgaard. We are proud to present below the eGOPV conference consisting of 18 video talks.

Invited talks

Community contributions



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