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Type of the tests performed at CLOP

Ageing Tests*

The ageing tests are performed for total of 10 days and based on the results and comparison with other technologies the lifetime of the tested sample in different environments is predicted. The following tests are performed at CLOP:

  • Real-Time Outdoor Ageing - ISOS-O-3
  • Indoor High Temp. Light Soaking - ISOS-L-2
  • Indoor Humidity Light Soaking - ISOS-L-3
  • Reference Dark Storage Shelf Life - ISOS-D-1
  • High Temperature Dark Storage - ISOS-D-2
  • Damp Heat Storage - ISOS-D-3
  • Temperature Cycling Test - ISOS-TC-3
  • Low Light Testing - ISOS-LL

Initial performance test

  • Active Area Determination
  • Quantum Efficiency (QE) Measurement - IEC 60904-8
  • I-V Measurement at Standard Testing Conditions

*The ageing tests are performed according to the ISOS protocols described in this article: "Consensus stability testing protocols for organic photovoltaic materials and devices".



Current weather

Temperature: 14.11 °C
Sample temp: 11.60 °C
Irradiance: -3.3 W/m²
Humidity: 91.60 %Rh
Last update: Sat, 19 Aug 2017 23:42:03 +0200 - details
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