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The Characterization Laboratory for Organic Photovoltaics (CLOP) employs state of the art equipment for characterization of organic photovoltaic devices and modules. The main testing procedures involve stability testing of OPV samples according to ISOS procedures, as well as quantum efficiency and initial performance testing under standard testing conditions.

The primary goal of CLOP is to continuously test various OPV products and help the OPV community in developing standard procedures for testing organic photovoltaic products.

For limited time CLOP offers free testing of your samples and stability performance comparison with the freeOPV. Please note that only the samples that fulfill certain requirements will be admitted for testing.

To use our offer of free testing please fill in the application form for the free tests of your OPVs. Please note that we can only handle limited amount of samples. Thus, there may be a certain waiting time before your request is fulfilled.

CLOP additionally offers the possibility of hosting researchers and students that would like to use CLOP facilities for limited amount of time, free of charge via the application through the European Research Infrastructure Project (SOPHIA). For further details click here.

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