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The Clean4Yield eConference is a collaborative project made by the Clean4Yield partners more specifically Holst Centre, DCG Systems GmbH, Dr. Schenk GmbH, Optics Research Group, TU Delft, IBS Precision Engineering BV, and DTU Energy.

The conference was produced by Morten V. Madsen who travelled between the different locations to record the contributions of the partners. During the eConference you will be introduced to the individual partners and see their presentations on their contributions to the project.

Introduction to the Clean4Yield EU project, Juliane S. Tripathi - Holst Centre

Juliane S. Tripathi is the coordinating the Clean4Yield project. She is a senior researcher and project manager at Holst Centre in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Holst Centre is an independent centre that develops generic technologies for wireless autonomous sensor technologies and flexible electronics Juliane introduce herself and the work of Holst Centre in the video below.

Juliane will introduce the Clean4Yield project in her presentation.

Introduction to OPV and LBIC, Mikkel Jørgensen - DTU Energy

The next presentor is Mikkel Jørgensen from DTU Energy in Roskilde, Denmark. Mikkel is working with organic solar cells and has been identified as one of the most influential scientific minds by Thomson Reuter. Mikkel is also known as an instructor in the Coursera course: "Organic Solar Cells - Theory and Practice" Below you can see Mikkel introduce himself in his own words.

Mikkel has two contributions to the Clean4Yield eConference. The first is entitled "Organic photovoltaics", and is an introduction to the field of organic solar cells, state of the art, fabrication, and more.

Mikkels second presentation is entitled LBIC, and introduces the technique Light Beam Induced Current (LBIC). You can see the presentation below, plus a short tutorial showing the equipment in use.

Scatterometry, Silvania Pereira - TU Delft

Silvania Pereira hold a permanent position at the Optics Research Group at the Delft University of Technology. The subjects of her work are optical scatterometry, beam shaping and aberration retrieval with applications in wafer metrology, optical mastering, adaptive optics and high resolution imaging.

Below you can see Silvanias lecture on scatterometry and the laboratory tour from the laboratory at TU Delft.

Optical Inspection Technologies, Thomas Laumeyer - Dr. Schenk

Dr. Schenk a company focusing on automatic surface inspection solutions and has been developing optical inspection systems tailored for the Clean4Yield project. Thomas Laumeyer will be presenting the contributions of Dr. Schenk, see him introduce himself and Dr. Schenk in the interview below.

In the lecture Thomas Laumeyer will present optical inspection systems relating to the Clean4Yield project.

R2R fabrication of OPV, Roar Søndergaard - DTU Energy

Roar Søndergaard is a senior scientist at DTU Energy. See Roar introduce himself in the interview below.

Roars contribution to the eConference is a presentation about fabrication of organics solar cells with special emphasis on large scale fabrication and installations.

Lock-in Thermography, Dieter Karg - DCG Systems GmbH

DCG Systems works with solutions to critical design and process challenges facing advanced semiconductor and electronics manufacturers. DCG Systems GmbH was founded in 1998 as a spin-off from Erlangen-Nuremberg University and has been participating in the Clean4Yield project. Dieter Karg will be presenting the contributions of DCG Systems GmbH, see him introduce himself and DCG Systems GmbH in the interview below.

Roars contribution to the eConference is a presentation about fabrication of organics solar cells with special emphasis on large scale fabrication and installations.

Air rollers, air knife cleaning - IBS Precision Engineering

IBS Precision Engineering develops ultra-high precision measurement, positioning and motion systems. In the Clean4Yield project IBS Precision Engineering has been developing and documenting contactless web handling and cleaning. Below you can see Theresa Spaan-Burke introduce IBS Precision Engineering and their contribution to Clean4Yield.

Two lectures by Teunis Van Dam and Peter Overschie will introduce you to contactless web handling and cleaning.

In the two videos below you will get a look into the labs at IBS Precision Engineerin and see a demonstration of contactless web handling.



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